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Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery torrent

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Password Recovery is an easy to use tool designed for resetting local administrator and user passwords on / 2000/2003 system oacute; w / XP / Vista, Windows NT, or clean computer oacute; in BOIS / CMOS password if the password has been forgotten or lost.Password Recovery consists with d oacute; ch oacute module; in.?.? Password recovery Windows and BIOS-enabled / CMOS Password Recovery – Windows Password Recovery can easily flukes oacute: these Windows Vista / 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT / administrator password or change the password blank – BOIS / CMOS Password Recovery will help you to quickly find or remove the BIOS password Computer oacute; w / CMOS -. 100% recovery rate. ? -Windows Vista supported -Finds? Clean your computer or BOIS / CMOS password? -Resets Local administrator password? -Resets Other local account passwords? -Resets Passwords from CD-ROM, with support? -Resets Local policy settings? Give -Resets additional options: start the password or account passwords startup disk key -Displays properties -Recovers with multiple partitions and disk oacute; in hard -Detects and displays all Microsoft security database (SAM). ? Disabled Access -Resets flag. ? -Resets Password never expires account, you oacute; the flag. ? -Ability To change (or clear) the flags User Account: User must change password at next logon; Password never expires; Account is locked; The account is disabled. ? It supports file systems oacute; in FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5? It supports Windows XP, XP SP2 +, 2003, 2000, NT, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (64-bit), 2003 x64 Edition (64-bit) Operating System Microsoft Windows Server, Windows Vista, Windows Vista (64-bit)? Supports large hard drive? IDE hard drive ATA, SATA and SCSI -Service