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Developer: Christian Studer
Size: 12 MB

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UltraMon torrent

What is new: Support for Windows 8 final version (RTM release), the following issues have been fixed:
the window buttons match the look of the native buttons
Smart Taskbar is disabled by default due to the built-in multi-monitor taskbar
Fixed issues:
Mirroring: monitor 2 configured to mirror 3. If we now try to configure 3 to mirror 2, it gets set to mirror itself
Application mirroring doesn’t work with Office 2013
Fatal error in UiAccClient.cpp at line 302 if UltraMonUiAcc.exe takes more than 5 seconds to launch
Fatal error in ButtonWnd.cpp at line 1487
UltraMon taskbars may not get created after startup even though UltraMonTaskbar.exe is running
Autohide taskbar can’t be raised if maximized Firefox or Chrome window is the foreground window on that monitor
Starting mirroring may cause the desktop wallpaper to get messed up
Scripting: System.SetCursorPos doesn’t work on Windows XP

UltraMon is a small and easy to use application that allows you to increase productivity and unlock the full potential of multiple monitors.