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Developer: TVU networks
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TVUPlayer torrent

What is new: Firefox plug-in compatible with Firefox 3.6
New design for channel subscription
Updated NSIS Installation Script to fix problems on Windows Vista and 7 and works better with UAC.

TVUPlayer is a free, watch a movie, such as television viewers will be able to live networks. Thou shalt render have brought thee from the ends of the earth, which you get the program TVU your local cable or satellite providers. Note: Some antivirus programs that the vice of flagTVUPlayer antispyware / malware, although it is perfectly safe to use, do not pose a threat to the system. But this is a false positive. This is untrue, with a false positive antivirus software subdivides an innocuous (inoffensive) file as a virus. It is not a straight line, it can be with the same or any unwanted heuristic virus signature database. [Similar problems can occur antitrojan and spyware.]