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The Panorama Factory

The Panorama Factory torrent

What is new: Support for Windows Imaging Component (WIC) has been added to the m32 and x64 Editions. WIC supports a variety of image file formats, notably many camera RAW formats, through plug-ins that are available from camera manufacturers and third parties. We do not provide WIC plug-ins, but will take advantage of any WIC plug-ins that are installed on your computer. Image files formats that are available through WIC are automatically recognized by The Panorama Factory and are listed in the Files of type drop down list on the Import Images dialog box. For more information about WIC and for a list of available plug-ins, refer to “Windows Imaging Component” in the online help Chapter 9, “Image file formats”.
76 new cameras were added to the camera library in V5.3.
The following trouble reports are corrected in V5.3:
TR 1158 Meta keys (SHIFT, CONTROL, ALT, COMMAND) sometimes do not work on a secondary Mac keyboard
TR 1166 Abnormal termination using some non-Apple keyboards
TR 1486 Abnorma…

The Panorama Factory is a program stitching panoramic. The Panorama Factory creates high-quality panoramas to automatically set up of overlapping digital images stage. You can add images to the export model VR and create pages that link your images To view the virtual. The software solution for distortions caused by lenses and establish whether The cylindrical projection image or spherical. Additional features include screen zoom, support for digital SLRs, solutions Conditions for distortion barrel, solution for light falloff and interactive controls. The Panorama Factory is a program that allows you to create a panoramic image. The Panorama Factory creates images that are good and Not a gamer and Lens rotational swing, panoramic expensive. Not only can Panorama Factory facilitate creation VR immersive, it also qualifies for The fine art photographer who wants to work panoramic image of 35 ordinary or catch With a digital camera. Panorama Factory supports JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF image formats and QTVR, IVR and PTViewer form of virtual reality . Virtual tour features make it possible to increase the panoramic image and development Web page thumb and index. Areas are used to link together panoramas. For example, a series of panoramas show rooms in the house are connected to each other Click on the door to move from one room to another. Users can automatically create web pages and indexes when thumb panoramic images are saved . Web page and thumbnail index created from templates. Some defined templates provided with factory Panorama, and users can create a his own. The software is barrel distortion of Corrections and options for light falloff, two problems exist Ordinary gamer and s digital. These problems can be corrected automatically and, if necessary, the user adapted solution interface. Consistent picture automatically detects focal length and still receives letters Answer.