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Swift To-Do List Professional

Swift To-Do List Professional torrent

What is new: Improved performance of some task-view operations
Fixed rare bug related to Move Task Up/Down

Swift To-Do List Professional is a useful and reliable application designed to help users to manage notes and to-do list. Supports advanced capabilities of exporting (HTML, Excel) and printing – you can always have your list of to-do. This application is suitable both for personal and business use. All tasks can have customized priority level, task type, due date, and reminder. There is an option to remove all finished tasks, so your list can be up to date. You have the possibility to sort the to-do list of priority, subject, type of duty or due date. You can also change the nature of the task. You do not ever forget anything again thanks to the inbuilt reminder, which can be activated for any of your activities. When displayed, it can beep three times and you can choose from several options, remind again in a few minutes. You can see the activities you use useful functions Search. Large drag allows you to drag tasks from one list to another would drop support, you can also easily drag whole to-do lists in the tree so you can fix them. Possibility to see more to-do list at once, and filter the displayed tasks. The to-do list tree display the number of tasks in the list of to-do items in the tree. Global hotkey is another handy feature, just press record and Swift will be returned from the system tray and ready for use.