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Developer: PELock Software
Size: 810 MB

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PELock torrent

What is new: additional protection code redirection
added active protection
new api GetKeyExpirationDate
new options auto run after file loading and exit when done
save log and clear log buttons added
password protection fixed

PELock eacute; Application oacute; n must protect Windows executable files (so called eke-protector). Moreover, PELock allows you to create oacute; n F cil application oacute; n assessment type your post in the demo, which keywords best solution oacute; n sistem.The license eacute; combining registration algorithms with strong and secure protection and oacute; n executable file. Em iacute; PELock to work, license key system using RSA encryption and protection-2048 oacute; n eacute executable file; Realized eacute; with m eacute; all advanced (Antidebugging, ofuscaci oacute; n, polymorphism, compression oacute; n). They made a proposal .eke risk Don – PELock use.