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Developer: TopLang software studio
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Password Door

Password Door torrent

What is new: Brand-new user interface
Improved kernel components with more features
Improved self-protection
Improved UAC support
Color scheme
New flexible schedule system
Filter and filter logic
Matrix password
Time limit and idle recheck
Multiple protection items for single program

Password T uuml; Mr. SCH main navigation support of its application by blocking F uuml, R access by unauthorized users. Now to ouml, you can password protection to any installed application. If the software is password T uuml; Mr. ECT use navigation TZT, m uuml; Shen those who want to use this software, the correct password to enter to run it. This is not an EXE file encryption navigation use sseler, not hand edit the file using Xenical hrbare Ausf navigation. Why is that? Most installed applications have no password protection, so anyone who shares your workstation can launch one of these applications and use it to view or modify the data pointer Xenical, which it was created. You do not want to learn the new software, but you want to password protect F uuml; Mr. existing software to make.