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Developer: Multi Edit Software, Inc.
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Multi-Edit 2008

Multi-Edit 2008 torrent

What is new: Newly redesigned macro recording support, integration for MS VS2008, added Bash shell support.
Final build for Multi-Edit 2008

Multi-Edit is the editor of a programming language for advanced users. Multi-Edit will expect to HTML, JavaScript and Perl know, but there is a common management with the key that will give you more options for HTML. This does not mean that we should Tips window or prerecorded JavaScript. Instead, it focuses on giving you a shortcut. It allows you to record a macro searches by L ecirc, files, and change the way that your documents and euml; ls. This program gives you six ways to move between windows. There are four different ways to be and euml; l windows, there is a button to switch between them, or you can select the tab for your window. Multi-Edit expected to open more than one document at a time C ecirc ;! Multi-Edit also allows you to search for specific tags, change the label capitalization, and a bunch of other things with labels. You can also go to a specific line number in the code, which is helpful when your HTML Validator said Theres a mistake. Theres a form of support, support desk, customizable colors, and you can add tags around selected text. There is also the option HTML format that works like functions Arachnophilias nicer, but no HTML validation tool. Full support in SQL, PL / SQL, TCL, Rebol, ColdFusion, Python, VHDL, Verilog, C #, Matlab, Scilab, Progress, AutoLISP, HTMLScript.