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Developer: MKS Sp. z o.o.
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mks_vir 2007

mks_vir 2007 torrent

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mks_vir created in 1987 in response to the scourge of multiplying virus oacute; in computer. Mks_vir package offered today is a modern antivirus software application, based on recent technologies.The package designed to work in all system oacute; the operating system Windows family.The package consists of several D oacute; oacute colored by the module; in. Their combined action protects your computer from intrusions by malicious programs.Antivirus monitor, embedded in the core of Windows, real-time control of all file operations. Therefore, it can stop the activation of the virus during operations on your hard disk, floppy disk, CD / DVD, or other monitor carriers.The, when activated, it checks whether there is a virus computer memory installed. If this is the case, then the virus removed.Disk oacute; wi oacute file scanning, in a traditional element of antivirus software. In rapid traverse can scan multiple hard oacute; the physical and network. Detects viruses, Trojan horses, and worms. In addition, a standard scanner in Windows, the package contains mks_vir r oacute; wnież 32-bit DOS scanner (fully compatible with all versions of Windows). The scanner allows you to remove virus oacute; wz file oacute; in use by Windows, as well as to eliminate the virus in the boot sector and partition table of the hard drive. Under certain conditions, it is possible to eliminate the computer after booting from the installation CD or a bootable floppy disk mks_vir package.mks_update program reduces the cost oacute; the Internet connections through the repository mechanism. In small networks only one workstation has to connect to the Internet to retrieve the element oacute; in an update. Other stations update via the local network that station.Note: To use this software under pr oacute; bnym you will need to register.