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Harmony Assistant

Harmony Assistant torrent

What is new: Improvements:
Editing lyrics on a score without lyrics that only includes one staff will automatically add the lyrics line to that staff
Macintosh: On Macs with a single-button mouse, Ctrl + Click is now equivanent to a right-click. (the “Shift” key now being used to insert/move object outside the staff area).
Some palettes could move away from the screen edges
When unsuccessfully trying to tie two notes (different pitches, etc), an unwanted alert box was displayed
Dutch interface text has been amended

Harmony Assistant is a useful and reliable software that helps you easily create playlists. Its harmonizing capabilities enable the composer to build quickly and efficiently tunes that include accompaniment, multiple instruments and drum patternsIts full page edit and engraver modes will facilitate processing and page setup of your scores. A wide range of music symbols will allow you to edit dozens of great quality: notation capabilities are immense. How to use the page will change the outcome as it will be printed on paper. Engraver mode will make you look beautiful. Login outcome can be done with the mouse, computer keyboard or an external MIDI keyboard. Harmony Assistant comes with its own embedded software synthesizer (SoftSinth), which provides the highest quality in basic sound cards, even without external device MIDI, and includes hundreds of different instruments.