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F-Secure Internet Security

F-Secure Internet Security torrent

What is new: F-Secure Internet Security comes with fresh new features such as improved Banking Protection, protection for your Facebook profile, the very latest technology shielding you from exploits and zero day attacks, and more – all in a redesigned new user interface.
New F-Secure Internet Security comes with DeepGuard 5, the most powerful protection against new and emerging malware threats yet. Vulnerability exploits are one of the most common ways of infecting machines today, and DeepGuard 5 is specially outfitted to block them. DeepGuard monitors the processes of commonly exploited programs and blocks any malicious behavior indicative of an exploit attempt. While typical protection is related to the vulnerability being exploited, DeepGuard’s behavior-based protection offers better coverage because vulnerabilities aren’t always known, such as with zero-day exploits.

F-Secure Internet Security is an easy and effective software solution that protects your computer against viruses without slowing down the system, and to ensure your privacy, if you
s on Facebook. F-Protect real-time protection network online service that provides fast response to Internet threats. Real-time protection network uses to obtain reputation services information about the latest Internet threats. You can help us to develop the service in the future, contributing to detailed information such as sources of intrusive programs or messages, behavioral and statistical analysis using a computer and the Internet. Browsing protection safety sites you visit to assess and prevent you from inadvertently access malicious websites. Protection viewing is a browser plugin that shows you safety ratings for websites in the search results and the content of the web address. Helping you avoid sites that security threats, such as malware (viruses, worms, Trojan horses), to protect safety ratings help you avoid the latest Internet threats that are not yet recognized by traditional antivirus programs. There are four possible safety ratings for web sites; safe, suspicious, harmful and unknown. These safety ratings based on information from various sources, such as F-Secure malware analysts and F-Secure partners, as well as ratings from other users on protection. Protection point of view also makes use of the use of screens developed F-Secure capture, to protect you from the vulnerabilities found in the programs on your computer ge iuml; installed. Exploit shields identify and prevent malicious web sites from using such problems, for example, unauthorized download that make malware. Exploit shields protect against Nha L ecirc; ers that you intentionally download and may contain malware; that the type of security threat is covered by virus and spyware scanning.