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EarMaster School

EarMaster School torrent

What is new: Interval singing exercise! Interval singing: EarMaster plays a tone and tells you to sing or play an interval above or below this tone.
Rhythm notation exercise! Rhythm notation: EarMaster plays a rhythm; you transcribe it on the staff. EarMaster evaluates how close you came.
New Jazz tutor! Includes 211 lessons specific to jazz, focusing on jazz harmonies and swing rhythms. The jazz tutor is a supplement to the standard tutor. Some of the exercise areas have a high entry level, so beginners may want to start with the standard tutor.
New standard tutor! More lessons and better instructions. It now includes 440 lessons! The difficulty of lessons ranges from beginner to very advanced.
Improved Tutor editor!
(EarMaster School only) The Tutor editor is greatly improved, with many new features and an updated interface for easy usage. With a single click you can try the selected lesson in EarMaster to test your settings.
Bass, violin, cello and banjo! New on-screen instruments a…

EarMaster School is a useful, interactive and powerful tool for teaching ear training. To learn this approach allows students to develop better musical ears – and it is very happy! EarMaster is easy to use and includes all the necessary functions for teaching ear training. EarMaster School includes all features and exercises in EarMaster Pro plus extra educational opportunities.