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What is new: Customizable Table of Content & Title pages:
Create custom title page and Table of Contents page for your project.
Output settings for each topic:
Define for each topic in which formats it must be exported.
Help ID dialogs were removed
Several issues in PDF export were fixed
Several issues in text editor were fixed
Several issues in command line mode were fixed
Dozens of fixes and improvements in functionality, performance and user interface.

Dr.Explain software will help you to create CHM help files, HTML, RTF and PDF manuals on-line and grabbed unique auto and technology annotation in formats.Using printable manuals, developers can record their software interfaces almost hands down. When set to work, and direct application parses Dr.Explain will create a series of windows with screen legend icirc; n for each control window automatically. To add a description to each user only as a legend. Dr.Explain software developers, ISV, micro ISV and technical writers. Help format and manage the complexity of generation, enabling them to concentrate on pure writing. This saves the day would be wasted otherwise. Also, it’s great to be in sync with the help documentation software updates Dr.Explain. Since the source of all data in one file, developers can easily edit or update any part of an existing song file. In doing this, are not required to create a new file with the full support of the reorganization. Developers will be able to customize the appearance of the help file to match the performance of its corporate style. Its visual elements, they will be able to customize menus and page layout. This is on top of the price, which is lower than most other software documentation tools.