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Developer: GlobalScape
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CuteFTP torrent

What is new: Consolidation of CuteFTP versions
Support for TappIn
Support for UNICODE character set
Updated graphics/logos
Migration of Sites and Options
WebDAV Support
Improved context-sensitive help
Removed: toolbar, Podcasting

CuteFTP Home is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is designed to make your clienttransfer toeasilytransfer files to FTP server. Do you have a Web page, downloading the latest digital images, music, software, or software, or if you are just transferring files between home and office, FTP Home gets a good job every time. CuteFTP Home is used to transfer files of any size and / or type, including websites, media files, or other documents from the server and transfer files via FTP, became the standard for moving files across the Internet. CuteFTP Home efficient, reliable, secure connections and transfers over FTP (FTP over SSL / TLS) Certificate. CuteFTP Home is similar to a web browser. You enter the FTP and HTTP rather than transfer to open it. In addition, it allows you to edit, delete files or folders, or edit the document go much used by the editor in his book.