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Developer: Maple Studio
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CoolNovo (formerly ChromePlus)

CoolNovo (formerly ChromePlus) torrent

What is new: [Bug fixed]The downloads always save to Desktop on the download confirmation.
[Bug fixed]The IE tab page can’t display normally after modifying DPI.

CoolNovo adds the most convenient features on top of Chrome for easy web surfing. CoolNovo has all the features that Google Chrome has, for example, speed, security, Chrome Web Store, Google Sync, and so on. In addition, CoolNovo added some useful features such as improvement as privacy, mouse gesture, or tab, AdBlock, super slide, download tools to support the bottom toolbar, etc. In addition, CoolNovo has many other features such as below: Double Click area to close the page; Back button closed tabs; Bookmarks bar auto-hide; Install the accelerator; Multi-tab image of Windows 7 taskbar; Setting the path to the folder cache; The search box on the toolbar and a new tab; Hide close button on tabs; Minimize to system tray; Ask button closure; Smooth scrolling; Boss Key; Management process; Proxy settings; Additional menu button to download; CoolNovo download manager and so on ..