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Convert XLS

Convert XLS torrent

What is new: Special Process 201 “Surround fields with quotes” was not working for a file with a line without a linefeed.

Convert XLS is easy to use and handy application designed to convert Excel spreadsheets into various formats such as CSV, XML, HTML format. If you need to convert / manipulate one or thousands of files in one folder or more is a tool! Conversion can be done without in MS Excel 10-15 times faster. Convert Excel to / from many file types, including CSV, XML, HTM, TXT, SLK, ARM, DBF, Lotus and others. Copies of special technical specification or a set of sheets of the same or another book. Specify the range! Add / consolidate data stated in the balance directory name of the book in one sheet. Copy the entire page (s) (including formatting) to the same or another list and show a list of locations. Changes in cell number formatting sheets / cells you specify. (For example, to apply the currency format, text format, some common format, etc.) Search and Replace Cell Contents of the sheets / cells you specify. Add a new sheet and specify where to place the new sheet. Removal of one or more sheets in a workbook. Move lock in a certain place in this book. Rename the existing key. Eliminate rows or columns, leaving the entire sheet intact. PASSPORT transposition by changing the line to the pole and space for the line. Change / Remove Workbook password. Many CSV (comma delimited file) manipulation features, including the addition, replacement dividers, and more. Convert XLS automation from the command line or using the command / COM ActiveX interface.