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Cafezee torrent

What is new: Allows detecting of the laptop clients connected to the same network as of the Cafezee server using the Auto-detection of clients feature.
The new updated look and feel of the client program offers a more user-friendly experience to the Café customers.
Allows grouping of the clients and applying of different security settings to different groups directly from the server.
The language settings can be easily changed and/or can be exported to other file formats as Cafezee now uses the xml file format to save the language data.
Allows running of the different languages at server and clients unlike the older version where the server language always synchronizes to the clients and thus makes sure that the client has the same language that the server is currently using.
The Print logger now monitors all the printers connected to the server computer unlike the earlier printer logger, which monitors only the printer that is selected as default.
Invoke/Switch on the client computers …

Cafezee Internet cafe software manages the customer euml, Clients and employees of your Internet cafe ensure safe BILLINGS reliably through the art cyber caf eacute; software.Cafezee is designed as an internet cafe cyber caf eacute; Software application.Cafezee very strong and capable of ensuring the accountability of the staff and security systems with minimal disruption to customer euml; Clients, which in smooth Cyber Caf eacute; Language Settings control.Custom -Allows changing the text on the button, label, and at all other beheermaatre euml; ls in all Cafezee screens using Custom Language Settings. Bandwidth Monitoring, Bandwidth Monitor is used by customer euml; Clients, warn the user bandwidth exceeding usage.Event Logger event log server and the customer euml; nt in a separate data l ecirc; there. Print Codes using MS Word template Supports printing using template code words which can be redesigned by lock-in user.Unlimited Paid schemes Supports creation of an unlimited slots in phase-Election Post-paid schemes.Security security settings using ‘ a high euml; level of security, low and no-off-security.Round total amount in late finishing or type the desired amount amount.Export prepaid member details-Options to enter the prepaid member details to excel.Supports prepaid codes / tickets / coupons Prepaid Code feature allows customer euml; unlocking programs, and a computer code that allows them to purchase to determine the cash counter cyber cafes. Code once purchased can be used until the minutes in the code expire. Supports prepaid customer euml; Clients Prepaid members of the cafe have a login and password of their own, which they can use to open up the computer and start using them. They can renew their accounts by paying the staff. Various prepaid packages can be designed with a fixed amount of minutes and validity. Members can get their usage reports and reforms when necessary. Subscribers support customer euml; Clients Several subscribers pricing schemes can be designed for different categories euml; of customer euml; Clients. The staff selects the appropriate scheme to unlock the computer, and the customer euml; nt get charged according to the price for subscribers scheme. Summarized information can be obtained at Cafezee report on the performance of each scheme. -Supports Dummy customer euml; nt billing instructions in the form of a dummy customer euml; Clients Xbox, Laptops, Pool Tables or anything else in your cafe to time. Chit-chat between operator and the customer euml; nt computers now enables customer euml; Obtain Clients services without ever out of their seats. Send a message to Maha Send a message to all the features that the operator announcements to all users in a cyber caf eacute; at the same time to broadcast. Records all other transactions All sales, purchases and expenses that can be recorded. Stock Management Cafezee late now to maintain stock details; All purchases or sales made will now the quantity of products sold in cafes touch, and you can see the updated stock position at any time using the inventory report. Discounts and discounted cash adjustments may Subscribers customer euml; Clients are given in the event that they are some omissions services provided by the cafe (usually rests Internet connection and others) and for prepaid customer euml; Clients can be adjusted their minutes. In a report that all the records where adjustments were made can be used to give on any adjustment to question staff. Account Settlement Shift Management and Day-Close Operation-A very useful feature is the ability euml; to mark Cafezee all records to the period during which the master, which means that the cafe owner who has accumulated a record of the number of employees. A cafe owner can choose when to implement the solution every few days or a few times a day. Customer euml; nt server manage all customer euml; nt computers can be unlocked / locked / reboot / shutdown of the server. Customer euml; nt-Order Save this feature allows the staff / Admin to save the position of the customer euml; nt in the main server SC …