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Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects torrent

What is new: layer marker cue point data not exporting to FLV format
OpenGL GPU features (e.g., Fast Draft preview mode) not functioning on systems with some Intel GPUs, including Intel HD Graphics P4000 on Windows 8 and Intel HD Graphics 5000 on Mac OS
crash opening After Effects using Edit Original in another application (e.g., Premiere Pro)
MXF OP1a exporter constraints flagging several codecs with the wrong pixel aspect ratio (PAR) and therefore exporting incorrectly with black borders (letterboxing or pillarboxing)
CC Power Pin effect on 3D layer making layer invisible
crash using CC Sphere effect
CC Simple Wire Removal turning frame black
CC Force Motion Blur and CC Wide Time: very long delays, making application appear to hang
CC Smear effect artifacts
CC Particle World not causing the cache to be invalidated when some statics controls were modified
other crashes, including the most common crashes for After Effects CS6

Adobe After Effects is a powerful and sophisticated software that allow you to create exciting motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects. Adobe After Effects is equipped with flexible tools that help save you time and deliver unparalleled creative power. You can use this software to create cinematic visual effects and sophisticated motion graphics. Put your ideas in motion pictures to fit almost any size and format, photos and 3D renders with text, vector artwork, and music – and make it all come alive. Create polished production get higher production values. Polish your productions with professional effects, hundreds of animation presets, precise tracking and keying controls, professional color support, and much more. Adding animation and interactivity craft sophisticated, professional animations that can be given as FLV files for your website. Or import the entire composition in Adobe Flash Professional, where you can add interactivity.