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A-FF Repair Station

A-FF Repair Station torrent

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Repair Station is the fastest, reliable and powerful, IDE and SATA drive is available, the 2003 restoration of IT services are used to restore the area and safe ATA password removal. Most hard drive failures caused by the firmware area damage and can be recovered with repair facilities. Unlocking or recovery repair base is completely safe for data.With repair station, you can: -remove an unknown ATA-password; It supports both safety and high maximum -diagnose hard drive and restore the area almost all laptops and some modern desktop computers have the ability to lock the hard drive with password ATA hard drive remains inaccessible until the correct password is entered . Manufacturers call this technology in different ways, for example, HP calls DriveLock, but it does not matter. The password is stored in the hard disk firmware area (surface). Since the password is stored on the surface, it can be removed by replacing the boards. And because the service area can be read with any widely available software, password can not be easily read or deleted. Repair stations to access area and reset the password, making your hard drive is unlocked. Unlocking process is automatic and takes only a few minutes. So repair station does not change parts or file systems, it is absolutely safe for your data. Firmware area (or system area) protected space allocated for hard drives personal needs, such as storage SMART logs defect redistribution of the table, the program code (overlap) and so on. Flash EEPROM memory chip contains only a small portion of firmware-enabled; Its main role is to spin Rasparkovat spindle head so that the device can read the rest of the firmware surface.Firmware field is available when using common ATA commands; it can not be read or write with any software that protocol is a supplier of unique and hard drive vendors do not disclose any information about their structure solid performance disk space, and even how to get to it. More than half of hard disk failure caused by damage to the firmware area. Only just enough damage to make the hard disk completely unusable. In such cases, the hard drive becomes inaccessible and can sometimes disappear completely from the system. For example, the hard disk can lose its parameters, such as the model number and capacity of the unit. When this happens, there is no access to partitions and files. In most cases, the problem is caused by the firmware area damage and can be removed for repair basis. Repair station reads the service area, retrieves and analyzes all structures firmware restores damaged parts and write firmware-back from disk. The process is completely safe data (files and partitions) and less than 20 minutes. If you have a problem with the hard drive, please do not hesitate to download the repair station and diagnose (which is free). Repair Station diagnoses and field service mechanical hard drives and displays a brief description of your hard disk health. -remont station area and diagnose mechanical hard drives and displays a brief description of your hard disk health. To continue – you need to register