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27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser

27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser torrent

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Wichio is a web browser with a built-in 27 Internet tools popular and useful, such as Pop-up Blocker, Download Manager, IP-URL Checker, email, updating Alarm Web, pre-fetch to speed up web surfing, clear history, cache and File amp ; oacute; cookies, quick search, Auto Connect / Disconnect, Keep connections, system resources Display Display IP address, whois, traceroute, talking reminder, dictionary, sk oacute; ry, etc. It is very easy to use with a single button on a single tool to organize any utility options, right-click this button. 27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser is a web browser with download manager and pop-ups. And if you install the MS speech engine, Wichio tell you (for function, kt oacute; re giving information), automatically all pop-up windows M oacute; blow everything want.-block pop-up windows close. -Download Manager Group Show images, audio-video, zip, exe file, etc. web site. Download them as much as you like with auto reset and resume broken download. email Email alerts about new e-mail account, and Yahoo! POP3 and immediately log in to read this email. -Make Notification Alerts Update when your favorite pages have been updated, which is useful for monitoring updates their warp oacute; in the forums. Presented Accelerate pre-fetch the page surfing through the pre-loading of your favorite Web sites or selected in the background. -Remove History, cache and file oacute; cookies just one click is not one song, where we visited earlier. -Show System Tray oacute; to prevent your computer from crashes, tell you if you have less than 10% (available only win 95/98 / ME) free Tray oacute; in the system. I see more esp oacute; L oacute; in the Tray oacute; wi memories. Search -Fast for steps easier and faster to obtain results from 20 search engines. -Weather Check weather conditions and forecasts for nearly every state and city in the world. -Dictionaries Translate words from / into English for 6 r oacute; issued languages, including other thesaurus Up. -IP Control URL (see information Whois, Traceroute, DNS Lookup) IP address or URL that you specify. Auto Connect quickly and connect your computer to the Internet automatically events selected option (ie, when the program is run when the computer is disconnected or at a specific time). Auto Disconnect Disconnect your computer from the Internet automatically in the case referred to in the program options (ie when it is closed while downloading full, or at a specific time). Keep Life Prevent computer connection idle before interrupted by stimulating the activity of the web for you every 30 seconds. -Show M oacute; j IP address for the online game, you can see the s oacute; address j (external) IP Internet and copy it with a click. See more information about IP configuration and local IP address. -url Information View information on the website, the angle oacute; Rego driving. (For example, the state information.) Tracing -Trace visit the website and learn about each hop along the route. -Talking Reminder alarm you, but I can say the word, and the amount of time the alarm can be set. Download Complete Voice knows Once Upon a complete download sounds, kt oacute; ry could say a word. -Close All Windows If you want to open multiple windows while surfing, click to close all of them. Sound-Click Listen R oacute; nt click sound when you click on the link on the website. And to add to the site click sound Wichio -Hyperlinks See It In contrast look with their button when you move the mouse over them. -To See other change them when you move the mouse over them. -Background Color oacute; to change the background color of a web page into a more readable with a click. -small Color Change the color of the text of a website becomes easier to read with a click. -Skins Select a different view from your web browser and download more sk oacute; Wichio cells from the site. Listen to the sound program Voice oacute; and choose the one you want from nearly 20 R oacute; issued Up sound oacute; in. Download the Microsoft Speech API-Microsoft Spe 4.0. …